The Orpheum Children's Science Museum regularly hosts both spring break and summer camps to give kids a fun opportunity to continue learning even when school is out. Check here for details on upcoming camp sessions!

Spring Break Camps

The Orpheum Children's Science Museums spring break camps are individual day camps each with its own theme. Registration and fees are per day. Early drop off and late pick up are available for parents who need extra time.






Early drop off (Begins at 8:00am): $5

Late pick up (Ends at 5:30pm): $10

Coming March 19th - 23rd, 2018




-Bug Life-

Why are there 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 bugs on the planet? We'll shrink down and become a bug -- with six legs and all -- to discover the fascinating life of bugs.

-Jr. Programmer-

Do you like to being in charge and giving instructions? That’s what being a computer programmer involves. Join us in your first steps as a junior computer programmer as we learn how computers think and listen and then we will practice giving them instructions through games and storytelling.


-Dino Days-

Would you live in a world filled with Dinosaurs? We’ll explore the world where dinosaurs lived including their habitat and eating habits.  By the end of the day you might even feel like a dinosaur yourself!

-Backyard Bugs-

You can find hundreds of curious creatures in your backyard -- from a beetle under a rock to a bee on a flower. You will learn who's who in your backyard so you can catch 'em all.


-Master Builders-

Are you a master builder? Join us in boosting your building skills as we overcome both individual and team challenges. We will use all sorts of materials including master builders specialty LEGOs.


Ever had a chance to build your very own robot? Join us as we learn how robots are designed, built, and programmed. By the end you’ll have the chance to build your very own robot with one of our LEGO robotics kits!


-On Stage!-

Do you have a favorite actor actress? Or maybe a favorite character in a movie or play? Join us as we learn the art of theater and acting through improv, games, and more!

-Trash Masters-

Dive into the world of trash with us! We’ll learn a few surprising facts about the trash we produce everyday including: what we can learn about someone from just their trash, how much could be reused, and how what’s left affects the environment.


-Play with Physics-

Physics might sound hard, but physics is involved in how you throw a ball, go down a slide, or swing on a swing set. We’ll play some games and make our own toys while learning all about physics!

-Sound of Science-

Do you enjoy music? Ever wondered how an instrument works? Join us as we discover the science that makes your favorite music work.

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