Orpheum Children's Science Museum

Wellness on Wheels

a drip splatter painting

OCSM is launching an innovative way to explore health, nutrition, and physical activity called the Orpheum Wellness on Wheels (WoW). This initiative is a museum on wheels equipped with interactive and imaginative exhibits to introduce, encourage, and reinforce the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Oprheum WoW programming is dedicated to educating youth and their families on how a balanced diet and physical activity can have positive effects on preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. It expands the boundaries of the children’s museum by providing interactive on-site learning and enables the museum to go out into our community. It also forges a partnership with schools and community organizations by offering a fresh approach to learning for both youth and adults, regardless of location or income.

To provide positive examples that bolster a healthy, balanced future of health, nutrition and physical activity to school-aged children, their teachers, caregivers, parents and/or guardians.